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Equipment Hire
Pressure Logger Hire
HydroCo is pleased to be able to offer a logger hire service for water companies and consulting engineers carrying out extended period pressure logging for network analysis/ pressure survey applications.
We offer network analysis specification pressure loggers from Wessex.  We have used these loggers extensively over many projects and found them to offer the best combination of accuracy (±0.1m across full scale), reliability, portability and ease of use.
Our extensive stock of 250 pressure monitoring devices are regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure they record data to the required resolution for network analysis.
We also have a small range of depth monitoring transducers, ideal for verifying reservoir and water tower data.

Flow Monitoring Equipment
HydroCo also stock a range of temporary flow monitoring equipment ideal for resolving network anomalies or verifying existing metered flows.
We offer a full range of flow logging devices which bolt onto your existing mechanical and electromagnetic type flow meters.
Where meter installations do not exist, we can supply a selection of 'Quadrina' insertion probes - perfect for monitoring remote locations where power supplies may be an issue. In the absence of a suitable tapping, you could deploy our 'Ultrasonic' flow meter on a section of exposed pipe work.
All flow monitoring devices can be installed on your behalf by our experienced field work technicians, ensuring the data recorded is of a high standard.
Our monitoring equipment is typically charged out at a weekly hire rate, please contact our equipment hire team to discuss your requirements.