leaders in hydraulic network analysis
Field Services / Data Collection
HydroCo offers a range of Field services to assist in the capture and processing of data, analysis and management of demands or pressure management.
Pressure and Flow Data Logging 
We use a wide range of distribution system monitoring equipment to enable networks to be logged and monitored both for short term studies or long term data logging. Our field work teams are very flexible offering installations between 1 and 300 loggers at one time. We can also facilitate the necessary level survey works to determine AOD levels at key sites.
Network Model Field-Testing
To enable high quality network models to be used for design purposes they need to be properly calibrated. Large or detailed models often require a large number of points in the network to be monitored at the same time and we can provide the additional resources you might need to achieve good calibration data and results.
District Meter Area Set Up And Management
We can carry out independent audits on DMA’s to help ensure they are tight by checking boundary valves and zero pressure testing. We also have experience in monitoring, managing and analysing data and can, if required, provide you with a complete DMA management service with assistance from our Boundary Valve Manager software tool.
Pressure management
Pressure Reducing Valves are often installed and then left without being properly maintained or checked on a regular basis. HydroCo has experience with a wide range of control valves and can check that they are working at their optimum setting. We also have experience with PRV controllers and can assist with time or flow modulated control devices. Why not let us monitor and maintain your PRV’s to ensure you are always making the greatest savings from pressure management?
Large Consumer Water Services
Surveys and analysis work to determine water usage on any site. Developer Enquiry liaison between building contractor and water company.
Flow monitoring and smart metering for large water consumers. We can log your consumption remotely, analyse your water use and make the data securely available to you across the internet.
Data Logger Hire
Full hire service for Water Distribution Pressure loggers
Pressure Logger Calibration Service
HydroCo maintain their own stock of Wessex pressure logging devices ensuring they are always calibrated to a high level. We are able to extend this service to our clients, offering calibration services for Wessex equipment.
Levelling Surveys
Our levelling team can derive elevations of critical points throughout your system, enabling improved DG2 or AZNP monitoring. We use both traditional (staff and tripod) and GPS levelling techniques depending on your preference and are capable of calculating ground level elevations to within ± 25mm.