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Meter Verification - Case Study
It is essential that water companies obtain accurate data from their flow metering equipment in order to manage leakage and monitor demand.  
Ultrasonic Meter Tests
A non intrusive flow meter that applies the transit time principle to calculate flow.
End to End Test
To check the flow meter transmitter data is being correctly transferred to the companies monitoring system, a test flow is applied to the transmitter.
Quadrina Meter Tests
An insertion flow meter with high sensitivity and versatility that enables flow profiles to be measured within a pipe. A seven-point profile is taken across the main. Using flow profile software, a flow factor can then be calculated to increase the meters accuracy.
Under perfect conditions, where there are no bends or fittings to disturb the flow profile it should be possible to measure flow to within +/-3% of the true flow for both a quadrina or an ultrasonic meter
Transmitter Calibration and Settings Check
The transmitter’s 4-20 mA pulsed output is logged and the internal settings documented. An integrator check is carried out once the verification meter is installed. 
Typical Results
Good correlation <5% error
Poor correlation >5% error