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HydroCo have experience with developing bespoke software solutions for our clients, often producing innovative tools to speed up medial repetitive tasks and engineering calculations. To show case our wealth of experience we have developed some example tools built within our web site. If you have a specific requirement for a bespoke tool or macro for your company, please contact us outlining your problem.
Pump Efficiency Calculator
Input Electrical Power (kW)   Flow (l/s)
Inverter Efficiency (%)   Head (m)
Motor Efficiency (%)   Pump Input Power (kW)
      Fluid Power (kW)
Pump Efficiency (%)      
'Wire to Water' Efficiency (%)        
How to Use the Calculator:
Enter your measured Input Electrical Power, Inverter Eff, Motor Eff, Flow and Head to calculate your Pump Efficiency and Overall 'Wire to Water' Efficiency.
1. Inverter Efficiency is difficult to measure. In most cases it is around the range 95%-98%.
2. Motor Efficiency is also difficult to determine in isolation. Use estimates around 90% for more recent higher efficiency motors.
Disclaimer: The Pump Efficiency Calculator is for indicative use only. No responsibility can be taken by HydroCo for incorrect results.