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Seminars at HydroCo
HydroCo have successfully hosted several modelling related seminars, promoting 'best practice' within our industry and creating a forum for water modellers to discuss current issues. These seminars have proved very popular, with attendance from many of the leading water PLC's and consultants.
If you would be interested in attending one of our seminars, please email us with your interest and we will add you to our mailing list, info@hydroco.co.uk.
Sample Seminar Presentations
Our seminars usually centre on a given theme which reflects upon current issues facing the water industry. Most of the content usually features network modelling techniques and innovative new ways to use this valuable planning tool, although some cover the broader concerns in the industry.
Our presenters aim to create a forum for thought and discussion, and do not intended to use the presentations as a sales pitch (a common feature at many of today's conferences and seminars). At HydroCo we like to look at these topics from many different angles, which can often lead our delegates questioning their current ideas and methodologies, and open their minds to the wider issues.
A selection of some of our recent seminar presentations can be viewed below, using our online 'webinar' feature. These have converted into Flash format for direct viewing in your browser
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The necessity of Modelling in maintaining operational efficiency
January 2009
The importance of network modelling as a tool to maintain operational efficiency and the vital link and interaction between Monitoring and Modelling
First presented in January 2009 at the SWIG Workshop: 'Monitoring the Distribution System'
Spatial Data Applications from InfoWorks WS Model
September 2008
One of the major challenges facing Water Modellers is presenting our ideas to people not directly involved in modelling. This presentation takes you through various options for getting your point across following a network model build.
First presented in September 2008 at the Wallingford User Conference.
Pump Design, Performance and Efficiency
December 2008
A guide to pumps, their performance and how to measure and derive their efficiency, along with designing new pumps from modelling.
First presented in December 2008 at the HydroCo Water Distribution Seminar
Locating Unknown Demands
December 2008
Using modelling to locate unknown demands in the distribution system.
First presented in December 2008 at the HydroCo Water Distribution Seminar
Critical Pipe Analysis
December 2008
A methodology for the assessment of critical pipes within the water distribution system.
First presented in December 2008 at the HydroCo Water Distribution Seminar