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Software Solutions
HydroCo have been building bespoke software tools for in-house operations since the companyís inception and has a wealth of experience when it comes to designing new tools. Many of our existing suite of tools have been developed to streamline the model building process, automating repetitive tasks and complex calculations.
A key issue which plagues the water industry is electronic data integration; maximising the use of corporate information systems across your business and sharing information between departments. The wide range of electronic data sources and file types used within the water industry often complicates the transition and integration of information. HydroCo deal with these data types of a regular basis, and have developed many bespoke software tools to facilitate data manipulation and conversion.
Delivering consistent modelling results across your company can be challenging, especially with the larger water companies who operate within a regional departmental structure. Bespoke software tools can provide conformity to your engineering solutions, ensuring the same methodology is being used by all your modelling teams. HydroCo have developed software tools which offer a unified approach to developer enquiries; providing a reasoned methodology to your modellers using published June returns data to demand load your models and assess the impact of new developments. Such tools streamline the process of assessing new developments, minimising the turn around time of developer enquiries.
If you think your business could benefit from this kind of software development, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.