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Training Courses at HydroCo
Training is the key to developing your own in-house capability for managing your own networks or network modelling function. Our staff have many years of experience in modelling techniques using the latest software. With our help your staff can gain the skills necessary to manage your modelling and distribution management requirements.
Training Available:
- Network Model Construction and Calibration 
- Network model application
- Demand Modelling
- Data Integration
- Field Work planning and preparation
- Network Design and Planning using models
Specific Courses:
Simple Hydraulics - 1 day
A course designed for operations staff who wish to develop their understanding of hydraulic theory with particular emphasis placed on applied hydraulics.
Introduction to Modelling
1 day or 2 day
A course for those starting in modelling or for experienced professionals needing to understand the capabilities of the technique. It covers basic hydraulic and modelling theory, model construction, demand modelling and calibration and running analyses. 

Predictive Distribution Modelling - 2day
A practical course for the practising modeller covering the application of modelling for dealing with Operational and Developer Enquiries and Infrastructure design.
National Water Hygiene Scheme - 1/2 day

From 1st April 2006 onwards, employees/contractors undertaking drinking water "restricted operations" need a "National Water Hygiene Card". The card (valid for 3 years) will permit the owner to work on potable water supplies and infrastructure anywhere in the UK.
The scheme is run by Energy and Utility Skills, the Sector Skills Council for the electricity, gas, waste management and water industries. Energy & Utility Skills operates an independent skills register which provides a recognised standard across the whole of the energy and utility sector.
The EUSR provides employers quickly and easily with the evidence required to demonstrate that they have robust mechanisms in place to ensure that only competent workers are operating under their control. Further details on the scheme can be found at http://www.eusr.co.uk/.
HydroCo is an approved trainer offering the necessary training course and direct registration to obtain the National Water Hygiene Card.
Further details of the course are given in the PDF document below.

- National Water Hygiene Scheme

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