leaders in hydraulic network analysis
Water Audits
HydroCo can help your business keep control of spiralling water costs by identifying any anomalies in your water bills and water use. We can also advise on other methods of cost cutting, such as demand management, leakage control and provide solutions for the ongoing monitoring and management of your system.
Water Bill Analysis 
We can quickly identify any anomalies in your water billing and ensure your future billing will be accurate.
Water Consumption Surveys/ Audits
We can undertake surveys and analysis work to determine water usage on any site. Your meter maybe wrongly sized, leading to inaccurate flow readings, or even completely broken which could potentially lead to a dispute in consumption at a later stage. On large systems, we can design and arrange installation of sub -metering to enable you to understand your water use in different locations across the site.
Leak Detection - Find and Fix
HydroCo can perform detailed on site surveys using sophisticated leakage detection equipment and then organise any necessary repairs to your water distribution system.
Remote Flow monitoring/ Smart Metering
Pressure Reducing Valves are often put in the ground and then left without being properly maintained or checked on a regular basis. HydroCo has experience with a wide range of control valves and can check that they are working at their optimum setting. We also have experience with PRV controllers and can assist with time or flow modulated control devices. Why not let us monitor and maintain your PRV’s to ensure you are always making the greatest savings from pressure management?
System Design
For large commercial or MOD sites we are able to design complete water distribution systems, including pipe work, storage reservoirs and pumping plant. We can even provide liaison between yourselves and the water company to identify the most economic solution.