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Model Maintenance, maximising your investment - Case Study
The message is clear from our industry regulator - Ofwat expect water companies to continue to deliver improvements to their customers while reducing household bills. This puts considerable strain on how money is spent within your company and may have a direct impact on your modelling budgets. Building new models can be an expensive exercise, and many water companies are looking to maximise the lifespan of their model stock through regular updates, rather than rebuild each model every couple of years.
Keeping your network models up to date is vital in maximising the lifespan of your original investment, by ensuring the simulation results from your models remain valid and can be used with confidence. Maintaining a model at regular intervals by adding new pipe work, abandoning old mains, adding valve status changes, updating pump control schedules and not to mention adding new capital schemes will preserve the models ability to predict reliable results.
But how do we know where and when changes have occurred in your system? One method that is being pioneered is to regularly compare your models against your GIS system. However, this requires that your network models were all built in line with your GIS system, with matching asset identity numbers to enable a comparison to be made - isn't hindsight a wonderful thing!
HydroCo have overcome these issues by developing bespoke software solutions which can build an updated model using your current GIS data, but using all your old model demands, customer allocations, site controls, calibration adjustments etc. to facilitate future model update comparisons.
Updating your models with all this additional information does not give you confidence that their results will be correct - HydroCo offer a series of model validation and verification techniques, to identify were the calibration of your models may have changed. Initial verification can be performed by using data recorded via your telemetry system, helping to identify areas of poor correlation - enabling targeted field testing etc. to improve confidence in your models.
Every water company's corporate information system is different, so please contact our team to discuss your concerns and how HydroCo can help you maintain your model stock.