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Borehole Survey & Pump Efficiency Study

A water company based in the South-East of England rely solely on groundwater sources, pumping water from deep aquifers up and into their water supply network. The company had filed for ‘water scarcity status’ with Ofwat, following issues with water resources during dry year conditions.

HydroCo surveyed nearly 50 borehole sites, using GPS levelling to measure key datums at the headworks, measuring the cable lengths of the borehole level transducers, calibrating the transducers and performing end-to-end telemetry tests to ascertain an accurate water level. As a result many transducers were replaced, offsets and scaling errors corrected and a new ‘dip channel’ created on their telemetry system in order for the company to perform their own in-house verifications in the future.

The network model was used to assess the performance of each borehole pump and quantify cost savings that could be achieved through pump replacement.

The study identified that significant energy and cost savings could be achieved by replacing 10% of the borehole pumps. The worst performing pumps were typically where the hydraulic performance of the system had been changed significantly since the pump was initially installed.