leaders in hydraulic network analysis
Network Modelling Training

The training courses are normally held over a 2 days and aim to cover new functionality of the software and in-depth sessions on particular subjects requested by the client.

HydroCo, due to their involvement with network analysis throughout the UK, have exposure to modelling functionality and requirements that arenít necessarily employed in every water companies day-to-day modelling activities. HydroCo therefore endeavour to bring the best of these elements to a particular water companies staff with hands-on training sessions.

Training subjects in recent years have included:- Demand Modelling, Demand Scaling, Alternative Demand, Pressure Related Design, Operation Support & contingency modelling, Mains Renewals Design, Water Quality Modelling, Pump Design & Efficiency, Pressure Related Demand, Fire-flow analysis, Pipe Criticality, Skeletonisation, Flushing Scheduling, Tips & Tricks etc.