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Step-Test Designs (16 DMAs)

During a concerted effort in late 2009 to reduce a water companies leakage level HydroCo were asked to design and prepare ‘step-test’ packs for a number of DMAs exhibiting high leakage.

HydroCo created a bespoke streamlined process using the StruMap software which could quickly lift a given DMA from GIS files and enable tracing and labelling of the network for ease of working. The routine would also output individual location plans of valves and hydrants that would be operated during the test and could be easily cross-referenced against an overall plot.

A detailed method statement was then created which detailed DMA specifics, step-test personnel and responsibilities, risk assessment of work, step-by-step test procedure and details of affected customers. As a final integrity check on the step-test’s design a ‘dry-run’ would be quickly performed in the relevant network model.