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HTD Factors (Hour to Day)

A UK based water company approached HydroCo to create company-wide HTD Factors.

Updated HTD factors were required for a more accurate assessment of leakage across the company. Recognising that the hydraulic characteristics of any given zone can’t simply be derived from a single ‘average’ point in that zone (as traditionally considered), HydroCo sought to offer a better and more robust methodology by exploiting network analysis models. The premise was simple, HTD factors could be derived at a ‘nodal’ level then weighted by either customer loading and / or length of mains attached to node. HydroCo developed some bespoke SQL (Structured Query Language) routines within the InfoWorks environment that could easily export results data en masse for statistical manipulation.

The result was a very cost effective solution with an inherent repeatability detached from human subjectivity.