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Critical Pipe Analysis, a planning tool for Asset Management

A water supply network consists of many individual pipes, all playing a vital role in transporting water to your customers. Asset Planning departments often want to rank pipes on given criteria to help them identify how, and where best to spend their budgets, to achieve the maximum impact. Knowing how important or critical a particular pipe in your system is can be a very useful variable when ranking schemes or projects. Traditionally this has always been performed on a pipe by pipe basis - or by grouping pipes. It has also been a largely subjective process, which devalues the data by introducing variation.

HydroCo have developed a quantitative approach to critical pipe analysis, using the latest analytical techniques and a wide, customisable set of variables to rank every single pipe asset that your company maintains. Our batch simulation techniques offer repeatable, quantitative results that will enable your asset planning department to make informed decisions.

Our proven methodology considers dependent customer connections, impact on levels of service (both DG2 and DG3), valving constraints, pipe volumes, flow reversals, water quality and resource planning to provide a detailed means of grading the importance of your pipes.

The applications for this data can be far reaching, from operational applications such as emergency planning and managing flushing, through to mains rehabilitation studies and beyond. HydroCo provided a short presentation covering the subject at one of our seminars in December 2008 - please visit our seminars page, to view an online version of this presentation.