leaders in hydraulic network analysis
Improved Pressure Management using 3D modelling techniques

HydroCo have pioneered a new technique in Pressure Management analysis by combining several innovative technologies. When deriving optimum control settings for pressure managed zones, network models traditional only consider the pressure received at the connection point. Using 3D modelling techniques, HydroCo can calculate the optimum setting within a pressure managed zone, without causing supply losses to tall building where building service pumps are not installed.

This technique has been used to implement a pressure management strategy for one of our key clients, who has been very happy with the results.

Pressure controls on valves are often implemented in the hope that customers will not suffer any levels of service issues - using this innovative modelling technique, customer complaints can be reduced and greater confidence can be achieved during commissioning.

Producing the 3D models can be achieved at minimal cost, as most water companies will already own the spatial data sets required to construct them. The resultant 3D model can be securely published online for future reference, allowing your operations staff to make better informed decisions.